Poetry Publications

When I sit down to write a poem, it’s usually because an image has stuck in my mind or a phrase keeps repeating itself.  Poetry lets me operate in the extremes of our lives: melancholy and playfulness, disappointment and euphoria. Nothing in life is ever singular, and poetry’s gift is that it isn’t, either.


The reviews are in for Sautéing Spinach With My Aunt

“Honesty and insight mark these lyrical pieces, filled past their brims with both sweetness and sorrow — along with images that remind you what the best poetry is capable of.”
~ Renee Ashley, author of The View from the Body

“What is striking about these poems is their economy — how charged they are with emotion and meaning that shine forth from such expert, stark, minimal lines.”
~ Matt Stefon, author of Shaking the Wind

“Tender and honest, Doerr’s poems not only reckon with loss but also sharply celebrate that which remains in its wake.”
~ Kathleen Graber, author of The Eternal City

Individual Poems

A few more words about my poetry…

“…a sledgehammer wielded with velvet gloves. It transports and challenges us in ways that poetry seldom does. Its craft is airtight; there is no room for breath in this poem’s conversation with the reader. Visceral, elegant imagery saturates its push into our subconscious, and its uncomfortable truths resonate deeply. Like all great art, [your poem] is a gift that keeps giving; we discover more about it, and ourselves, with every reading.”
~ editors of Sky Island Journal